Patrick Sandercock – Managing Director

Patrick Sandercock is a Managing Director at The Peakstone Group and has over 14 years of investment banking and entrepreneurial business experience.

Patrick Sandercock has worked in commercial and investment banking for large and small firms raising capital and providing advisory services for infrastructure-related initiatives. Most recently, he was part of a team that raised capital for a Caribbean energy generation project, developed a midstream infrastructure project on the U.S. Gulf Coast, and advised on a Canadian downstream energy initiative.

Patrick Sandercock provided advisory services for infrastructure and public-private partnership efforts in the port, rail and vertical sectors. He was a key member of the advisory team for a Midwest port district, played important roles for major Midwest infrastructure bids, and supported education and technical support efforts for Great Lakes regional infrastructure initiatives.

He contributed to teams that structured municipal debt issuance for state, county and local issuers, including the States of Illinois and Montana, City of Chicago, Indianapolis Bond Bank, and multiple Minnesota school districts.

Prior to financial services, Mr. Sandercock was a U.S. Coast Guard officer with shipboard, international and command staff assignments. He designed patrol patterns for ships and aircraft supporting law enforcement operations in the North Atlantic, supported U.S. government foreign policy initiatives as team lead on multiple South American and Caribbean deployments, and improved processes for an $80 million recruit transportation program, annually supporting more than 260,000 recruits (all military branches) traveling to their respective training programs.

Patrick holds a B.S. from United States Coast Guard Academy, with distinction from DePaul University, M.B.A.