Peakstone’s industry expertise creates powerful opportunities for its clients.  Our investment banking professionals have served clients in a wide range of industries advising on mergers and acquisitions, raising debt and equity capital to fund growth or recapitalize a client’s balance sheet, and providing strategic and corporate finance advice.  Our teams of industry-focused investment banking professionals have strong relationships with strategic buyers and financial investors globally, enabling our clients to meet their objectives.

Several of our investment bankers are former CEO’s and business owners who have “walked in the shoes” of our clients.  They have sold businesses to private equity firms and stayed on to lead them.  They have run small businesses and divisions of Fortune 500 companies.  They are entrepreneurs who have started and sold several businesses.   These bankers have unique insights into our clients’ businesses and provide perspective on what is attractive to buyers, sellers and investors.   Given our industry experience, we are able to learn our clients’ businesses quickly and craft an effective marketing message tailored to our clients’ objectives.