Peakstone clients benefit from a unique combination of access to capital, thoughtfulness and creativity, and experienced deal teams.

We have relationships with and knowledge of a wide range of global capital sources, including private equity, family offices, hedge funds, venture capital, pension funds, insurance companies, SBIC funds, development corporations (BDCs), loan funds and alternative lenders, asset-based lenders, and commercial banks, as well as deep industry relationships to access strategic investors. In addition to access to these sources, we also understand their investment preferences and are skilled in communicating opportunities to them. The Peakstone name is recognized by these capital providers as a trusted source, and as a result our clients enjoy uncommon access to different types of capital, depending on each client’s unique objectives.

Completing successful transactions is about more than having a process. Peakstone’s clients also enjoy the thoughtfulness and creativity of our experienced deal teams. Because our professionals have completed hundreds of transactions, we have a unique “deal sense” to  work through complex issues or specific challenges of each client, particularly where a standard approach may have limited chance of success. We typically involve a team of several senior professionals in each client engagement, bringing multiple points of view and experience to each client, and enabling our clients to maximize their outcomes.

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

Peakstone is the leader in middle market M&A advisory services, assisting clients on mergers, acquisitions, sales and divestitures.  We have a strong track record in achieving maximum value for clients in their sale processes.  We counsel our clients through all stages of the process as we evaluate strategic alternatives, assess potential acquirers and targets, provide valuation analyses and advise on transaction terms including valuation, structuring, timing and potential financing.

Capital Raising

Peakstone assists clients in arranging the financing they require to pursue growth opportunities, consummate acquisitions or to address shareholder liquidity objectives and recapitalizations.

Growth Financing – Many businesses require financing in order to take advantage of attractive growth opportunities. Whether it involves product line/facility expansion or working capital to scale a rapidly growing organization, Peakstone has the ability to identify debt and equity financing sources for a wide range of situations.

Shareholder Recapitalizations – Business owners often require assistance in evaluating the desirability of achieving partial liquidity for their business while maintaining an active role in management.  We are frequently involved in situations where one shareholder may wish to exit an investment while others wish to retain their interests.  Peakstone helps companies arrange the debt and/or equity financing required to accomplish these types of transactions.

Strategic Advisory

We work with business owners, board of directors and corporates to assist in an evaluation of various strategic alternatives including  valuation, growth strategy, competitive landscape, capital structure, debt and equity alternatives, liquidity, succession, transaction planning and transaction timing.

Distressed Situations

Our team has extensive experience advising companies during periods of underperformance, distress, and insolvency.  We have a successful track record providing competitive and expedient processes for both debtors and creditors. Distressed services include:

  • Distressed M&A transactions including debt and equity raises
  • Restructuring of existing capital structure and strategic advisory
  • Transaction processes that require court approval, including:
    • Bankruptcy Sales
    • Receiverships
    • Article 9 sales
    • DIP Financing